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The property management services you need!

We have been developing expertise in the complex world of real estate for nearly 30 years.  We have, thus, become experts in the following fields:

Our team of experts can carry out, in part or in whole, these administrative tasks for all building types including office, commercial, apartment, co-ownership and retirement home buildings.

We favour a personalised approach according to project size, professional objectives and the desired degree of involvement. Flexibility and proficiency is what we offer!


  • Marketing of residential and commercial rental units
  • Composition of residential and commercial leases
  • Competitive analysis
  • Maximising the potential of dwelling units and premises

Financial Management

  • Developing an annual operations budget based on a five-year plan or longer
  • Computerised bookkeeping
  • Collecting and depositing rent and common costs
  • Delivering monthly management reports as well as financial statements

Legal Services

  • Preparing either debt collection files, procedures for the Régie du logement, or documents for any other court
  • Executing judgements or seizures in collaboration with our attorneys

Spatial Management and Maintenance

  • Assessing the current state of repair of the building
  • Recommendations and investment plan to maximise property value

Property Acquisitions

  • Property acquisitions, in partnership
  • Support at every step of the acquisitions process

Repair and Renovations

  • Property analysis to maximise building usage and profitability
  • Property revitalisation or conversion

Common Management Activities

  • Contractual negotiations with suppliers
  • Mortgage deed and insurance research – get the best possible agreement